“This is the eight year that we have used On Time Results for course set up and timing for the Fiesta 5k Challenge. I hired Jessica and her team because I’d seen her at work at other races and knew she was the best. As a Race Director, there are so many things that I must be concerned about in planning and especially on race day. Since On Time Results has been our partner, I haven’t had one second of stress about our race timing and results. Jessica and her team are the most thorough team, paying attention to every detail – even those I hadn’t thought of. Everything Jessica commits to she does. She is in constant communication with me and responds to my questions within the day (often within the hour). On race day her team is always there before I even arrive with mine. The course is set up long before start time and the race begins on time. On Time Results has live scrolling results so participants can see instantly their time and placement. And the Age Group and Overall Results are compiled quickly for us to present awards. Before I know it, Jessica’s team has picked up all course cones, cleaned up, and are packed and ready to go. I often get calls from other companies asking to bid on our event – I don’t even entertain any other bids. As long as host our already 12-year event, On Time Results will be the company we hire. I have 100% satisfaction in everything they do.”

Karen Duffy, Race Director – Fiesta 5k Challenge

After having tried a couple timing companies, we switched to OnTime Results in 2015.  We've now used them ever since, for four years for our 1 mile/5K/10K road race.  They've always been very professional, helpful, and most importantly, timely & accurate in their results.  Before, during, and after our event they are always ready to accept a call or answer an email to help ensure the integrity of our results.  They even go so far as to monitor our registrations on-line looking for inaccuracies, in complete data, or duplications that would impact our results.  Race morning, results are posted promptly on paper & video, in their own supplied tent, and post race. I usually have a hyper-link to the complete results before I'm even home from the race site.   That's my experience as race director for the Cherry Blossom Road Race.  That said, I also work as an official at numerous triathlon events in the SE, many of which also use OnTime Results as their timing company.  Again, I can state I've only observed the same behavior, and results, as I'm used to seeing with On Time Results.  They are accurate, timely, and professional.

Tom Adrien Race Director – Cherry Blossom Road Race

OnTime Results took the stress out of our race results. Our results are more accurate, more on time and a thoroughly improved appearance.  Working with OnTime Results is like have another staff person on our team. “Thanks, OnTime Results for all you do”

Jim Rainey - Georgia Multisports Production

“OnTime Results isn't just a timing company, but a partner through every step of the planning process. Over 3 years, Jessica & her team have helped us introduce chip timing, adjust our course for USATF certification, and nearly double registrations. For everything from bibs, timing & coning to planning services such as handling permits, configuring the registration page, enabling race-day registration, or consulting on promotional strategy, I can't recommend them enough.”

Andrew Feury - Kirkwood Spring Fling Road Race